Review of ‘Home World’ by Bonnie Milani ****

Review of ‘Home World’ by Bonnie Milani

Home World

Jezekiah Van Buren returns to Earth, where he is designated to become the Lord High Protector, but fears assassination by his plotting sister, Letticia. Earth’s industries are gone, replaced by tourism from her former colonies and addictive Venus Seed drug production. To avert economic collapse and a possible interstellar war, Jezekiah has secured an alliance with the Lupan Dominion, Letticia’s hand in marriage as the price. Lord Strongarm comes to Earth to seal the treaty and claim his bride, but Letticia is less than enamored with the idea of marrying Strongarm, and sets about plotting Jezekiah’s downfall to become the Earth’s Protector. In a captivating climax, not everything turns out as planned – for everybody.

Home World is a daunting and complex book, not something for the fainthearted. Bonnie Milani weaves an intricate plot sprinkled with interlinking webs that demands patience and perseverance from the reader. The love triangle between Jezekiah, Keiko Yakamoto and Strongarm compels the reader to turn the next page. Letticia’s manipulation of the planetary NetMind is fun to follow, as is her growing paranoia and desire for power. Home World will reward the patient reader, but some will find the tangled family politics hard to cope with.

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