Review of ‘Archangel’ by Margaret Fortune ***


Human worlds are invaded by invisible beings, the spectres, who merge with a human, gestate inside him to breed more spectres. They cannot be killed or contained. Michael Sorenson, a Guardian soldier of the Celestial Expanse (made me think of the Expanse in the TV series ‘Enterprise’) is recruited to a special research station to test new weaponry against the spectres. A grand weapon is created that would supposedly kill every spectre in Celestial space, but it is a conspiracy. I won’t say any more in case you want to read this book yourself.

Archangel, a second novel in the Spectre War following Margaret Fortune’s debut novel Nova, is a mixture of ‘Starship Troopers’, ‘Old Man’s War’ series, ‘The Lost Fleet’ series, and other shoot-em-up books, except that Margaret Fortune doesn’t pull it off. It is long book filled with many repetitive action scenes that don’t really do anything for the story, and Sorenson is a young man with a huge chip on his shoulder who seems to have a purpose in life, but is really carried along with events he doesn’t actually understand. It was difficult to get into the book and relate to Sorenson as a character. I found the ending particularly dissatisfying as it failed to resolve anytning. I am not surprised at the many negative reviews this book has had.




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