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Coal Hollow by Cher Duncombe

Coal Hollow

Caroline Davis, a Private Investigator, divorced from a possessive husband, parents who did not really love her, she tackled the world on her own. She meets Joel Foster at a conference for PIs who wants her to collaborate on a cold case of a missing six-year-old girl, Gracie Bergman. Joel knows Mahaffey, a felon just out of jail after spending three years in jail for drug possession, suspected of murdering Gracie, and she knows the area where he might be hiding, Coal Hollow. When they open the case file, both were surprise how little information it held. They obtain search warrants and travel to Coal Hollow to interview people and see if Mahaffey still lived at his original address. They find him, and that is where Caroline and Joel land themselves in trouble, having discovered more about Mahaffey and his doings than was good for them.

With Coal Hollow, Cher Duncombe portrays a sensitive, complex woman who overcomes serious problems in her life and achieves a measure of inner peace doing a job she loves. Her involvement with Joel starts off as a purely professional relationship, but he manages to work his way into her heart. Coal Hollow is written with compassion and thoughtful narrative. The interplay between them reveals a lot about both characters. My regret that this short book did not delve in greater depth with the objective of the cold case, ie: finding Gracie. Nevertheless, Cher Duncombe has given readers an interesting insight into the world of a Private Investigator, and a book hard to put down.

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About the Author

Cher Duncombe

I grew up in a suburb of Pittsburgh. It was during my last two years of high school that an English and Speech teacher took me under her wing and became one of those rare mentors in life. During English class, she would often put my writing assignment on an overhead projector and declare to the class that this had been what she was looking for in the assignment. I was what they call ‘painfully shy’ during those years, but I had enormous respect for this highly regarded teacher. She once told me that I had a Celtic style of writing that she enjoyed. I went to the library to look up Celtic.

I graduated college with a B.S. degree in English. More importantly, I married and became a mom, one of the most exhilarating roles any woman can have. In later years, I worked as a Fraud Investigator for the PA Office of Inspector General. After eight years there, I opened my own Private Investigations firm. My husband and I have moved to Florida where we relax, swim and follow our dreams. Writing is still my brain food. The passions we choose to pursue should always prevail.

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Twitter: @CherDuncombe1

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