Review of ‘Finding Pig Man’ by Thomas Stewart ***

Roy, a young university student, visits his father who regales him with stories of the Pig Man who people say lives on the nearby mountain and is responsible for at least five deaths and mysterious disappearance of several children. No one has ever seen this awful creature, and those who ventured to the mountain never returned. Roy sees a poster of a missing girl, Amelia, and with his cousin Stacy, they decide to go to the mountain and search for her. After picking up gasoline, he stops when they see a kid standing alone in the middle of the road. Suddenly, other kids appear and attack him and Stacy. Roy fought them, but there were too many. The last thing he remembers were Stacy’s cries for help. He wakes up in dungeon-like room and his nightmare starts—his left leg is gone, and so is Stacy. Thus begins his valiant effort to extricate himself from the Pig Man’s murderous clutches, find Stacy and Amelia, and somehow escape the living nightmare he finds himself. Regrettably, things only get worse.

With Finding Pig Man, Thomas Stewart thrusts readers into a living nightmare of missing kids Pig Man turned into his slaves. , Roy undergoing unspeakable horrors, wishing he and Stacy never ventured on a mad quest to find Amelia. This novella offers an intriguing concept that Thomas Stewart could have developed into a truly nightmarish novel. Regrettably, the fast-paced, shallow work rushes the reader through thinly connected events that results in a disappointing ending. Roy is a curious character. He has drive and purpose, but comes across as weak and indecisive, and readers will quickly lose any sympathy for him. A major problem with Finding Pig Man is poor presentation by Thomas Stewart. The work is replete with punctuation, grammar, and word usage errors that thorough editing would have identified and eliminated. Despite these shortcomings, readers of the macabre will find Finding Pig Man of interest.

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About the Author

Thomas Stewart is 22 years old with a fascination for the art of terror and the macabre. When he’s not watching horror movies or reading horror novels and stories, he’s always crafting his own chilling gospels of horror to terrify and eternally rob you of a peaceful slumber.

Currently, he publishes most his work to Reddit under his pen name ‘Corpse Child’. Many of his horror stories have been featured and adapted to audio narrations by a wide variety of YouTube narrators — including some of the bigger names in the field — as well as ones commissioned on the ChillingApp, and was featured in the debut issue of IllAdvised Records ‘The Dark Door’ E-zine and has recently published his debut horror novella.

You can follow him for more of his work through his Facebook and his SubReddit; ‘r/CorpseChildGospels’ or website, as well as purchasing a copy of his books ‘Damned Whispers’, ‘The Other Side’, and ‘Mortimer’ on Amazon.



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