Review of ‘Mapping the Glades’ by David Burton ****

Mapping the Glades

Mapping the Galdes

Tracey Manning, a high-priced hooker, gets involved with Raul Goeshay, a nasty character involved with an interstate car theft ring. After a night of drugs and debauchery, she steals $1.2 million from Raul and a little black book full of crime contacts – there is always a secret black book – and flees with her boyfriend, Pauly Allister to his friend’s place in the Everglades. Raul must deliver the money to a crime boss or he is dead, and sends out men to find Tracey and recover the stolen loot. Harrison, a former Drug Enforcement Agency operative, and now a famous fiction author, inadvertently gets involved in a very messy business with men who don’t hesitate to kill. He knows how to take care of himself, which forces Raul to personally go after Tracey, not only to recover the money, but to kill her, Pauly, and Harrison for daring to interfere in his business. There are shootouts and bodies everywhere, but does Raul recover the money and survive the encounter? Readers will have to find out for themselves.

Mapping the Glades is a straightforward yarn of a young woman who seizes an opportunity to make something of her life with a man she loves, and someone who will stop at nothing to revenge himself against her. She is out of her depth and does not realize the consequences of her theft, but manages to overcome challenges thrown her way. David Burton spins an action-packed story with enough realism to make readers feel they are participants rather than observers. There are enough twists and turns to keep the story moving, despite a large cast of characters who sometimes muddle the plot. An entertaining book that will leave readers satisfied.

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About the Author

David Burton

In my youth, I traveled by motorcycle through Mexico, US, Canada and Alaska. From motorcycles, I turned to the ocean, building and sailing my own boats to Mexico, Tahiti, Hawaii, and through the Panama Canal to Florida. I spent a lot of time reading while on the water, so decided to write books I would have wanted to read at sea.

Having swallowed the anchor, I now mop floors and collect trash for money, write for a living, and have become a (temporarily?) unrequited sailor.

I have also written several screenplays.

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