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Mission of Honor

The Manticoran Star Empire decimated the Havenite Republic’s fleet. Suspecting that both sides are weary of a decades-long war, Honor Harrington is sent to Haven to negotiate a peace treaty. An unprovoked attack by units of the Solarian League Fleet on Manty’s ships heralds a new war for Manticore. Unknown to everybody, a third party seeks to destroy Haven and Manticore by inciting a war that would open a window to a possible new empire … at a cost of billions dead across occupied space. Help from an unexpected quarter has the potential to avert interstellar disaster.

Mission of Honor is not really an Honor Harrington novel, as she plays an insignificant part in this book filled with a web of story threads that start nowhere and end nowhere, adding needless complexity that detracts from what is really a very simple, basic story. Readers familiar with the Harrington universe will grimace at the convoluted plotting David Weber relishes inflicting on readers. His penchant for describing something in 3000 words that could be succinctly portrayed in 400, unnecessarily muddies most of his Honor Harrington novels with tiresome irrelevancy. Mission of Honor reaches an end without closure that will leave many readers deeply unsatisfied. Weber’s next book will explain everything? An intensely disappointing work that ‘official’ critics describe as brilliant.

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About David Weber

David Weber

David Mark Weber is an American science fiction and fantasy author. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1952. Weber and his wife Sharon live in Greenville, South Carolina with their three children and “a passel of dogs”.

With a blue-collar, science-fiction loving father, a college English teacher mother (who also owned her own ad agency in the 70s), and a life-long love for history, he was clearly predestined to perpetrate a whole host of military science-fiction (and fantasy) novels and anthologies.

Previously the owner of the small advertising and public relations agency he took over from his mother, has written science fiction full time for thirty years. He is probably best known for his Honor Harrington series, from Baen Books, and his Safehold series, from Tor.

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