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Review of Rogue


A fast-paced adventure that will leave readers wondering if it is not already happening.

Chris and Lexi Denton lived what appeared to be unassuming normal lives. He was a financial broker, and she a dance instructor. Their happiness was shattered when Chris found that one of his clients was actually a drug lord for a Colombian cartel. The only way to take him down was to provide the authorities with proof, which Chris obtained by copying incriminating computer files. With hitmen after them, their lives shattered, Chris and Lexi fled, determined to find a way to expose the cartel. When confronted by hitmen, the event triggered an awakening and hidden memories of what they really were – fighting machines developed by the government’s LZ Project to create soldiers without emotion or feeling, controlled by an imbedded chip. Removing their chips, Jack – Chris remembering his real name – and Lexi now had a more important mission: take out the LZ Project and free all the other ‘units’ held at the secret facility. But first, they had to take care of the drug lord. Disposing of that minor irritant using their newly discovered abilities, they recruited three other units sent to kill them, explained their objective, and together, they stormed the LZ facility, which did not lead to a satisfactory conclusion, at least not for the government.

With ‘Rogue’, Steve Soderquist and Laura Ranger give readers an interesting and familiar scenario: governments seeking to eliminate the human element in soldiers, giving the military the ability to conduct warfare at an objective level. However, the human element and the strength of love cannot be removed that easily, as Chris/Jack and Lexi demonstrated. This setting has been explored in many movies, including ‘RoboCop’ and ‘Universal Soldier’ with Claude Van Damme. Rogue does not provide new insights or moral judgments, and does not require readers to expend too much intellectual thought. What this book does give is a well written, fast-paced, action-packed story, sympathy for Lexi and Jack’s predicament, and a desire to see the bad guys running the LZ Project suitably dealt with. The books offers a degree of emotional satisfaction, provided readers are prepared to overlook numerous plot inconsistencies, content to immerse themselves in a very readable adventure.

About the Authors

Steve Soderquist

Steve was quite a successful musician twenty-odd years ago and spent many years on the road. He was with numerous bands before finally settling down to a more regular life. However, the writing bug kept biting at him. Steve had started a book called, ‘Mind’s Eye’ when he was seventeen and it never left him. Even though the writing muscle had certainly atrophied, he was getting that tickle like you get in the back of your throat when a cold is coming on.

Publishing his first novella ‘One for the Road’ motivated him to propel. When ‘Farm House’ was complete and those blessed two words were put down, ‘THE END’ he knew he found his calling.

Following up with the science fiction thriller, ‘Seeds’ then co-writing the romance thriller ‘Rogue’ with author Laura Ranger, Steve finished the short children’s story ‘The Littlest Princess’ and is currently working on two more titles.

Steve is now settled in as a full-time author and freelance editor in Lithia, Florida.

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Twitter: @SteveSoderquist


Steve Soderquist

Laura Ranger

Laura Ranger is a natural storyteller. She has been turning all of life into stories since she was very young. This mother of one, grandmother of three began actually writing her fictitious stories down to the delight of her friends and family. She’s been writing her tales for over twenty years. She became a published author when she put one of her short stories in a Christmas anthology in support of feeding children around the world, entitled ‘Eight ’Til Christmas’. Once she saw one of her stories in print, she will tell you she can’t stop.

In addition to co-authoring ‘Rogue’, she has a novel called ‘Lessons’, which is almost complete. She envisions parents reading with their children. Laura discovered while writing the book, the lessons throughout the story speak to both children and adults. Additionally, she has contracted her novel ‘Deception’ with Mélange Books, LLC to be released next year. She is currently writing a novel on good versus evil called ‘Royalty’, and new stories coming to her all the time.

Laura will tell you, “God blessed me with a natural gift of storytelling; it is up to me to use that gift to the best of my ability.”

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Twitter: @LauraRanger1


Laura Ranger

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