Review of ‘Salvation: The Globular Incursion Book 7’ by D. Rebbitt ****

Salvation - Book 7
The Globur are attacking Imperial rim systems. Short of ships and materiel to properly prosecute the war, the Fleet is in a desperate struggle to contain the alien invasion. The Imperial Senate has a news blackout in place and most worlds are not aware a war is being waged by the Fleet. Pacifist elements within the Senate claim the Fleet started the war and send Senator Alexander to a major warship base to conduct loyalty tests and gather evidence of Fleet plans to undermine the Senate. While the Senate and the Fleet are engaged in a struggle for power, a Marine division on planet Khan is fighting the Globur invaders to free captured imperial citizens. Senator Alexander’s men arrest numerous Fleet personnel on charges of treason. In the meantime, senior Fleet admirals devise a scheme to undermine the Senator and publicize existence of the war to the Empire. The Globur attack a core system and the situation becomes desperate for the Empire.

With Salvation: The Globular Incursion Book 7, D. Rebbitt offers readers a classic military space opera saga. Book 7 offers engaging action sequences and political intrigue that reveals an Empire torn with internal plots and counterplots, an undermanned and underequipped Fleet tasked with protecting the Empire while elements within the Senate seek to enhance their own personal power that threatens survival of every system in the face of a Globur invasion. Political tension slowly builds as the Senate tries to subjugate the Fleet to its will, and these elements come to dominate this novel. Salvation: The Globular Incursion Book 7 is easy to read, and D. Rebbitt does not burden readers with intricate plotting, characterization, or emotional drama, allowing action to carry most of the story. An entertaining novel, if somewhat superficial.

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About the Author

D. Rebbitt
D. Rebbitt is an avid reader who has always enjoyed classic military science fiction. His military career gives him great insight into the real world of the military. Epic space opera with a military edge best describe his books.

The Globur Incursion series is his first foray into novels.

When writing, he most enjoys the interaction between characters. He has built a universe based on realistic science. His books are laced with a gritty realism that puts characters in interesting situations and dilemmas. Each novel is layered with interconnected events and stories, giving real insight into the minds of the characters.

There are battles, victories, and losses. Behind it all, the stories of the characters unfold. Their human flaws mean they do not always make the best decisions.

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