Review of ‘Starsight’ by Brandon Anderson ***


Trapped on planet Detritus, the last remnant of humanity, by Superiority forces, Spensa, a fighter pilot of an advanced AI ship, has the latent ability to teleport herself anywhere. Humans must discover the secret of the hyperdrive, which would give them freedom to expand into the galaxy. Spensa assumes the identity of an alien bound for the Superiority base in an attempt to steal a hyperdrive ship. What she finds are not creatures bent on destroying humanity, but aliens terrified that humans would destroy them were they ever let loose. The Superiority is training a group of pilots to confront the delvers, powerful entities who live in another dimension, and Spensa becomes part of that team. An internal plot threatens to turn the Superiority into a dictatorship that would wipe out humanity – using delvers. She finds the secret of the hyperdrive, but it is not what she expected. The final confrontation with a delver reveals many things about herself and the wars humans fought against the Superiority.

Starsight is the sequel to ‘Skyward’, in which Brandon Sanderson introduces readers to humanity’s wars against the Superiority. Spensa’s latent ability to teleport herself anywhere makes her a valuable commodity, but it is also a magnet for the delvers to once again emerge from their dimension and wreak havoc on the planets. Humans tried to control the delvers and use them in their war against the Superiority, and were almost destroyed. The Superiority is attempting to do the same thing against the humans. Starsight is a great book for readers who love battles, fighters zipping everywhere, and a bold heroine who will save the day – provided readers are not bothered by shallow, questionable plotting, and very predictable bad guys. Brandon Sanderson devotes a lot of the book to battle and training scenes where Spensa demonstrates her superior fighting skills to other trainees. This overwhelms the broader objective of the book – Spensa’s mission to steal a hyperdrive ship. Her discovery of the Superiority’s secret what powers their hyperdrive ships will leave readers shaking their heads in bemusement. Starsight does not pretend to be a serious work, but it is a diverting read and eminently forgettable.

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Brandon Sanderson
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