Review of ‘Sword ‘ Book 5’ by D. Rebbitt ****

Sword - Book 5

Sword - Book 5

The Empire is under attack by an alien race, the Globur, who are moving from one human occupied system to another, annihilating everything in their path, including Fleet task forces. Read Admiral Jones, commanding Task Force 15, intercepts a squadron of Globur ships and engages. The battle is won with the help of a heavy fighter that suddenly emerges out of Qdrive, spewing powerful weapons at the enemy. The Globur are defeated, but at huge cost to TF15. Where did the fighter come from, and who is the severely injured pilot? Another squadron of Globur ships makes an incursion. This time, it is up to TF13H to stop them. Fighting the Globur was bad enough, but the Fleet command must also fight vested interests from several Senators, seeking to reap profits from the alien ‘incursion’, the word ‘war’ not to be mentioned, lest the population at large becomes alarmed.

From the first two pages of Sword by D. Rebbitt, many readers will feel unease at being plunged into a saga populated by an array of undefined characters, past events, and internal political machinations, the history of the Globur/human war buried in the first four books of the series. In Sword, D. Rebbitt provides readers with sketchy character descriptions, but floods the book with ample event narratives. This is not an intellectual work that explores war and the devastating effect combat has on those who have to fight and die. What this book unashamedly does is thrusts readers into detailed blow by blow space and close-quarter combat sequences with an enemy that cannot be reasoned with, and who know no mercy. The combat sequences are remarkably similar to David Weber’s Honor Harrington books, including the weaponry used. Readers who thrive on pure space combat and do not want to be distracted by the human element will love Sword. For readers looking for some depth, Sword is best left alone.

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About D. Rebbitt

D. Rebbitt
Rebbitt is an avid reader who has always enjoyed the classic military science fiction. His military career gives him great insight into the real world of the military. Epic space opera with a military edge best describe the books.

He has written articles and blogs for many years in a nonfiction setting. The Globur Incursion series is his first foray into fiction.

When writing he most enjoys the interaction between characters. He has built a universe based on realistic science. His books are laced with a gritty realism that puts characters in interesting situations and dilemmas. Each novel is layered with interconnected events and stories, giving real insight into the minds of the characters.

There are battles, victories, and losses. Behind it all, the stories of the characters unfold. Their human flaws mean they do not always make the best decisions…

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