Review of ‘The Most Beautiful Insanity’ by Heather Wilde *****

The Most Beautiful Insanity

The Most Beautiful Insanity by Heather Wilde
Drexel Waters, a male fashion model, couldn’t help himself. He was a sex magnet, and that was that. His girlfriend Ophelia didn’t like that he romped around, but she still loved him. Loved him enough to spike the crystal meth he was taking in an attempt to kill him. Unfortunately for her, Drexel only got sick, but the girl he was spending the night with died taking the drug. Things went bad then. The girl turned out to be the daughter of a very wealthy and powerful real-estate man, Gary Nash, who wanted to find and kill the person who destroyed his daughter. Nash goes on TV, demanding a quick arrest, and Detective Trace Strickland and his partner had the dubious honor finding the killer. Trace talks to Drexel and Ophelia, but the case against Drexel is weak. The only way he could get a conviction was have Ophelia carry a tape recorder and get Drexel to spill everything. The case turns grim when Nash confronts Drexel and ends up dead himself. The situation really turns sour when Trace and his partner find that both were played for suckers.

With The Most Beautiful Insanity, Heather Wilde unashamedly plunges the reader into a world of sex, drugs, and hard fun. At first blush, the sex scenes seem somewhat over the top, but they cause the reader to turn the page anyway. What makes this intricately woven story work are its characters. Drexel is a good-looking hunk for whom life is one long party without worries or commitments. Drugs and sex is what keeps him going. Ophelia is a gorgeous model, but the city is full of gorgeous models, and reality is not something she wants to face. She is totally mixed up, loves Drexel desperately, but at the same time, wants to slit his two-timing throat. Throw in an accidental murder into which Trace, a boozing cop, is tossed, and a vengeance seeking Nash who fumbles his revenge, the reader suddenly has a book that slowly but firmly snares him, compelling him to turn the page to find out what happens next. The Most Beautiful Insanity has raw depth, realism, and intensity some readers might find difficult to cope with, rejecting the book as pornographic. However, Heather Wilde weaves the sex scenes into the story with a delicate touch that makes everything fit in smoothly. The blend makes the story. Where the book really shines is in the subtle exploration of psychological states of the characters, which should not be dismissed as superficial. A thoughtful reader will find a lot in this atypical book, as will someone who is simply interested in a good, diverting novel.

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About Heather Wilde

Heather Wilde
Heather Wilde was a fashion reporter for over 10 years. She also published fiction and essays in a multitude of small and large press magazines, including Ocean Drive, On Stage, and The Miami Herald’s “Tropic Magazine.”

She had two off-Broadway plays staged in New York City: “Supper’s Ready” and “Dark Lords of the Trailer Park.”

Originally from Florida, she now lives in Westchester, New York.


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