Review of ‘The Singapore Saga’ by Kelvin White *****

Spencer Marlowe woke in a truck to find himself in 1942 heading for an Australian Army training camp with a squad of other conscripts. The dream faded and he found himself back in the real world, expressing concern to his girlfriend that his time shifting dreams were getting more frequent and intense. Another shift in time and Spencer was back in the Army. After an altercation with the squad’s bully, he was recruited to head a mission to Singapore and sabotage a grouping of Japanese warships and troop transports preparing to invade Australia. Gradually, this life becomes his new reality and his past existence faded in his mind. Inserted successfully into Singapore, Spencer wondered if he would walk out of his assignment alive.

With The Singapore Saga, Kelvin White thrusts the reader into a fast-paced story that combines superb dialogue and narrative. Bewildered to find himself in 1942, Spencer must explain to his superiors how he suddenly appeared out of nowhere, wondering if he would ever again return to his real life, as he had no control over his time shifting. Kelvin White gives readers an intriguing glimpse into WW II Army life and the obstacles Spencer and his team must overcome to complete their Singapore mission. The action sequences are described very realistically, and the principal characters came across as real people with real problems and challenges to overcome. Those who enjoy military drama, psychological soul-searching, combined with a dash of something unusual will find The Singapore Saga an intriguing novel well worth reading.

The Singapore Saga can be found on Amazon.

About the Author

Kelvin White is a Western Australian author who is passionate about writing action and adventure stories that have a touch of romance. He has also written a tell-all book about his memoirs as a rock and roll musician in the 1970s. He is currently writing a series of time travel novels featuring the character Spencer Marlowe.

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