Review of ‘They Laughed at Me’ by David Kempf ****

They Laughed at Me

Jack Lively is a sorry excuse for a comedian and part-time ghostwriter, but that’s all he has left in life. A recovering alcoholic, he must remain sober and wear an ankle bracelet for the next nine months or he’ll end up in jail. He preferred to remain sober … and dreams about killing Emily, his ex. He has some money stashed away Emily does not know about, and he planned to steal everything she had in her safe once he killed her. He would then be set for life. That’s what kept him going. Despite being under house arrest, he entertains patrons at a local bar telling awful, degrading jokes, a stocking mask over his face to prevent someone from recognizing him. Jack regularly uses Riley, an escort girl, and realizes he loves her. They plan to kill Emily once his ankle bracelet comes off, but as with all such plans, things don’t exactly work out.

With They Laughed at Me, David Kempf gives readers a dark, sometimes amusing, satire and a chilling journey into Jack Lively’s wretched existence filled with delusion, fantasies, and regrets. He sustained himself with the belief that once he killed Emily, his problems would be over. An extremely well written story easy to read, which some will find the spilling of Jack’s raw emotions and thoughts difficult to digest. His dark humor does not make him popular at the bar where he entertains, but he is beyond caring. They Laughed at Me is a chilling expose of a tortured soul, something not every reader will be able to stomach, especially the degrading bar comedy sketches. However, the journey and the surprise ending will leave a satisfied smirk of justice served.

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About the Author

David Kempf
David Kempf has written over fifty short stories, many with themes of horror fiction. He has won several writing awards including first place in Millersville University’s Lemuria magazine’s short story competition. Two of his short stories were selected for the 2007 publication of The Grackle. He is a frequent contributor to the British website:

In 2014 he wrote The Horror of It All, featuring interviews with prominent figures in the horror community. All the proceeds from that book went to help those suffering from ALS. He is currently the author of three novels: Dark Fiction, The Petsorcist, and Travel Bug.


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