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Night Sirens - Book page cover

Frank Hram seems like an ordinary financial consultant, but he is a Covenant Keeper; an assassin hired by a secret organization whose aim is to prevent the public from learning about the existence of energy-feeder vampires. Frank kills rogue feeders, who take more than they should and kill people by suddenly aging them. People are becoming more aware of the existence of feeders, and the secret Frank has been fighting so hard to protect is now a ticking time bomb. At the same time, Detective Nadala Robinson is overjoyed when she is recruited to join the Crimson Taskforce, but her celebration ends when she learns its true purpose. Nadala’s first two cases point to one man, Frank Hram. She immediately feels an emotional connection to Frank, and the more she gets to know him, the more she starts to question the work she does. Their blossoming romance is tested when Hackers Anonymous leak information about Project Purple, a secret government organization that has been researching feeders. This leak reveals the existence of feeders to the public, and chaos ensues. Frank cannot trust anyone, including his fellow Keepers, and Nadala is alarmed by the human rights violations her taskforce is committing. Find out what happens to Nadala and Frank, two lovers caught on opposing sides in Night Sirens by Stefan Vučak.

I loved the suspense, mystery, and drama in Night Sirens, and I am amazed by Stefan Vučak’s attention to detail and creativity. I enjoyed getting to know the characters. Frank is a confident man who wants to live a seemingly ordinary life, and Nadala is a strong female character who knows what she wants and fights for what is right. I loved how I learned about the history and biology of the feeders at the same time as Nadala, who is new to this underground world. Frank and Nadala have great chemistry and natural interactions. Their first encounter was perfectly placed in the storyline. Vučak introduced readers to the motivations and lives of the characters before they interacted. The shady organizations, governments, and taskforces in Night Sirens are all unique and realistic. If you need to read a suspense novel with a great storyline and interesting characters, this is the book for you.

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