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In the Shadow of Death, Stefan Vucak, Author

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If you enjoy the wheeling and dealing of intergalactic politics, spiced heavily with betrayal and intrigue, you will enjoy In the Shadow of Death.  There is unrest on the planet Elexi and suspected treason, so the Serrll sends an Envoy on an intelligence gathering mission, escorted by Terrllss-rr.

Even better for me was the tale of Alasi, a young Elexian slave purchased by Second Scout Terrllss-rr.  Together, they search for and find Alasi’s family, solving some of the mysteries for the Serrll Envoy. But Terr’s story has only begun, for on another world – a desert world – he is the one foretold.

Stefan Vucak has written an excellent tale that leaves you wanting more, and be assured, more is on the way.  Terr is a character too large for only one book!


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