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In the Shadow of Death, Stefan Vucak, Author

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Terrllss-rr has been assigned as part of an Envoy’s mission to distract Kapel Pen’s, the current Controller of the Four Suns, own intelligence machinery while the Envoy gets on with his investigation. Terr has to find something that he is not supposed to and not get killed while doing it.  While Elexi is engaged in slavery, which is not illegal, supposedly free local Elexi citizens are being enslaved to meet alleged labor needs of Anulus, the fourth planet of the Four Suns. Entire families are being forcibly relocated to work in the extensive mining and refining operations.

Terr is repeatedly challenged and warned off in his explorations around the city of Raman on Anulus.  With Alasi’s assistance, a slave Terr purchases and discovers is a free boy, Terr is able to obtain information that is best not known if he wants to stay alive.  Kapel Pen will do whatever is necessary to make sure that Terr does not interfere with her plans to see the Four Suns independent of Deklan rule.  When Terr digs just a little too much, Terr’s life becomes forfeit and he must fight if he wishes to win his battle for life.

I really enjoyed In the Shadow of Death.  I do have to say that it was difficult to get into initially because the author tries to introduce so many different elements and people. Once I got past that and got into the story, the read was very fast and enjoyable.  I look forward to reading more from this author.


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