Scott Morrison

Yesterday, May 4, the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, announced he never wants to establish a federal ICAC – Independent Commission Against Corruption – that exists in most states, even though he promised on at the last election. Why? He does not want oversight into federal affairs by a civil service body, claiming the government would be ruled by an autocracy.

ICAC was set up in our states to look into, among other things, possible corruption practiced by politicians of any party, illegal and potentially illegal activities, and inappropriate use of tax funds. In his arrogance, ScoMo thinks that he and the Coalition are above the law, answerable only to themselves! Ruled by an autocracy? That is how he will rule Australia if he wins the May 21 election! Let’s end his do-nothing 10-year reign of power.

During that time, ScoMo and the Coalition further screwed pensioners by reducing the eligibility threshold, abandoned people in the aged care system, stuffed up the Covid vaccine rollout – twice – allowed China into the Solomon Islands, and blames the Labor Party for that, and left a $1 trillion debt to all Australians. Vote for him? I think not.

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