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Through the Valley of Shadow, Stefan Vucak, Author

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In this saga of Master Scout Terrllss-rr, he is on his way to Anar’on to rescue Teena, his partner, from Dharaklin, his bond brother, whom he feels betrayed him. Terr comes to terms with his belief that Dhar was working for the Servatory Party and sabotaged his ship, which caused Terr to crash to Earth. He does not understand why Dhar would kidnap Teena, who had nothing to do with his spy missions, and take her to Anar’on. Dhar would surely know that Terr would come looking for him, seeking revenge. But Terr and Dhar were mere pawns to be moved around as the Captal government willed to benefit themselves. Terr and Dhar are Wanderers with a power over Death. Because of their unique abilities, they needed to be removed from key intelligence positions.

In this book, you see more of the political maneuverings within the Serrll Combine as the principal political blocks jockey over an Executive seat in the Serrll government. The Revisionists and the Servatory Party want to control that seat, or prevent the Wanderers from taking it. The Servatory Party wants to eliminate anyone who stood in its way of becoming the dominant political force within the Serrll.

Terr is called again by the gods of Death to walk within the shadow of Athal Than and be judged. His master told him, “Twice more shall you walk within the shadow of Death before you are complete.” On his journey, Terr must confront his most inner fears, hatreds, and demons in order to understand himself, his gift, and the ways and responsibilities of a Wanderer, or face obliteration by the gods of his body and soul.

Through the Valley of Shadow is a powerful story that pulls you deep into its depths as Terr learns to accept what he is and what he has become, and the powers that work against him. It is also the story of political intrigue, the greed to obtain more than is their due, and the unpleasant outcomes of such greed. The struggle that Terr faces and the political machinations that pulls the series together are brilliant. Stefan has surpassed himself. I would highly recommend this book and the entire series. Stefan is a gifted writer with the ability to draw you into his world.

Reviewed by: Debbie Braaten

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