Review by Nancy Curteman

Towers of Darkness, Stefan Vucak, Author

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In Stefan Vucak’s novel, Towers of Darkness, a Wyoming mine worker discovers a human hand bone embedded in a forty million year-old Eocene Roland coal seam. Anthropologist, Larry Krafter travels to Wyoming to investigate. While there he makes another discovery, a human skull. When he publishes his find, he ignites a fury that shakes the very foundations of the proponents of established evolutionary theory. His reactionary colleagues, self-styled experts in the field of Paleoanthropology, consider Krafter a provocative radical. Their professional jealousy turns dangerous, leading to involvement by an FBI antiterrorist agent. With Krafters supporters and family threatened, the question becomes: Should he continue to acquire evidence that his find is legitimate or should he issue a statement that it was all a mistake?

Vucak did his homework before writing this novel. He expertly describes the methods used for mining coal. He provides insight into the dog-eat-dog career competition among university professors. His descriptions of the workings of law enforcement agencies from local police to the highest Federal agencies are realistic. His dialogue matches the voice appropriate to his characters—miners speak like miners, professors like professors, cops like cops. This adds authenticity to his novel. Towers of Darkness is a novel that builds on a series of clues and ends in an exciting climax. It’s a riveting read.

Nancy Curteman


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