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Through the Valley of Shadow, Stefan Vucak, Author

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Through the Valley of the Shadow is the seventh book in the series and picks up exactly where With Shadow and Thunder left off.

The Serrll Combine is adrift in a world of danger. On one hand, they have the Orieli who have invaded their system and set up shop on the Earths moon. On the other hand, they are engaged in a war with the Krans, artificial constructs bent on destroying all organic intelligence. However misplaced, the gravest of their worries is the creation of the Unified Independent Front by the Wanderers on Anar’on.  In the midst of war, an intergalactic struggle has begun over the UIF. The Revisionists, Servitory Party, Pizgor, and just about every other system have entered into apolitical struggle over the Executive Council seat that will be held by the UIF. This new seat is imperative to preserve the power balance in the Serrll…

In an attempt to eliminate Wanderer spies, Terr’s uncle Enllss forced him to confront his Wanderer brother Dhar in a fight that neither may survive. Fueled by his anger and lust for revenge, Terr journeys to Anar-on to face his bond-brother. Once on Anar-on, Terr realizes he must face much more than his brother, he must face the god of Death at Athal Than.

Through the Valley of Shadow is a very entertaining read. As with the previous novels in this series, Stefan Vucak has packed this novel with plot twists that will keep you guessing and wanting more.

E. Carter Jones, 2001

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