Vatican seal

Vatican seal

Two years ago, Pope Francis signed a secret deal with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that supposedly protects Catholics practicing their faith in China. This deal is now up for renewal, and Pope Francis intends to sign it!

The deal authorizes the CCP to control and install bishops of its own choice, bishops who are loyal to the CCP, not the Vatican. It controls what priests can preach in churches. It controls parishioners, and arrests anyone who protests against the CCP.

During the last two years, the CCP has torn down churches, burned them, desecrated them, and arrested priests and people practicing the faith. The pope and the Vatican remained silent, just as they remained silent against oppression of Hong Kong protesters, silent against torture and internment of Uighur people, silent against gross violation of human rights. Why? To preserve the wealth of the Church!

It is worth remembering that in WW II, the Vatican signed a deal with Hitler not to bomb the Vatican or loot churches, as long as the Vatican remained silent on atrocities committed against the Jews and other minorities. The Vatican is doing the same thing with China. The Vatican has even printed children’s storybooks that praise China!

Given this duplicity and hypocrisy, the Vatican expects the faithful to blindly obey what the pope decrees, blindly follow hollow sermons of unquestioning obedience while holding out its hand for your dollar. It is no wonder that people are abandoning all Christian denominations, exposed for what they are – businesses, and cardinals who strive for personal and political power while hiding behind the shield of faith intended for the poor and the ignorant.


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