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JJ and Jo are so enamored with Magnolia Bluff they decide to buy or build a vacation home. But you need friends in high places to get what you have your heart set on.

The door burst open, and Mary Lou rolled her wheelchair as if she’d pushed a gas pedal. “Gunter, how long are you gonna keep me waiting? You know I always want to get to Noonan’s on Wednesday, when he puts out the savory salami and cheese croissants at ten thirty. I need to beat the lunch crowd.”

Before Gunter’s administrator Gladys quietly shut the door, she held up both hands palm out, pointed toward Mary Lou, shaking her head.

“Dear,” Gunter said with a sweep of his arm, “I’m meeting with these folks. Can you give me…”

Mary Lou appeared to swallow hard as her eyes rested on JJ and Jo. She maneuvered the chair closer. “I’m sorry to have busted up the meeting. JJ, Jo, I heard you were in town but didn’t get a chance to…Jo, why are you crying?”

Jo sniffled. “I’m sorry, Mary Lou, we’re trying to work with your husband on buying property next to Hank’s. We decided we’d like a vacation home at the least in this town…”

“Gunter! Why’s this a problem?” Mary Lou snapped. “These two defeated the human trafficking scum—” she pointed toward JJ— “he saved my life.”

Hank saw the tsunami Mary Lou got started and joined the ride up. “Mary Lou, I’m trying to get Gunter to honor his commitment to sell that property at a discount so this wonderful couple, who selflessly helped our community, can buy it. Gunter said he ain’t having none of it.”

JJ felt sorry for Gunter. He watched the man age from the verbal onslaught. Gunter closed his eyes, likely previewing the dressing down he’d get from his long-term wife. It was clear who wore the pants in that family.

We invite you to enjoy this discussion of the characters of The Killer Enigma https://youtu.be/5mBYqnRfj9k


Enough is Enough – JJ roars when the Paparazzi wrecked their dinner

JJ and Jo realize privacy doesn’t exist for them. They return to Magnolia Bluff to check on their friends and recapture the small-town anonymity. In Magnolia Bluff, no one suspects their fame.

They discount the status as urban legends in favor of acceptance and a quiet, peaceful life. After all, a supermodel needs time and space to recharge between jobs. A geek wants time to adore his wife.

Does Magnolia Bluff hold the answers to their prayers?
Will their desires get clouded by a hidden secret?

Past, present, and future collide in a perfect storm no one expected. JJ and Jo take action to uncover the truth. Chief Tommy Jager likes them but feels they’re a lightning rod for trouble and disruption.

Who will live or die to prevent the truth from being exposed? The answers may be in the graveyard with fresh flowers on the gravestone.

What readers are saying
Literary Titan – The Killer Enigma offers a fresh perspective on the complexities of small-town existence and the lengths individuals are willing to go to liberate themselves from the constricting grasp of urban life.

Readers’ Favorite – 
Breakfield and Burkey deliver yet another engrossing installment of the Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles with The Killer Enigma.

AUTHORS: Charles Breakfield & Rox Burkey

BREAKFIELD – Charles is a data/telecom solution architect and supports digital security, blockchain solutions, and unified communications. He enjoys writing, studying World War II history, international travel, and cultural exchanges. Charles’ love of wine tastings, cooking, and Harley riding often provides writing topics.

Much of his personality comes from his father, who served in the military for 30 years and three wars. Charles grew up on multiple bases and in different countries. The multicultural exposure helps him with the various character perspectives they bring to the series. His personal ambition is to continue to teach Burkey humor.

BURKEY – Rox is a Customer Experience Specialist who works with businesses worldwide. As a gifted speaker and accomplished listener, she bridges the chasm between business problems and technical solutions to optimize business productivity. She has written technology briefings and white papers but launches into high gear when plotting our next technothriller or short story.

As a youngster, she led the other kids with her highly charged imagination generating new adventures with make-believe characters as a child. She is proud of being a Girl Scout until high school and contributed to the community as a member of a Head Start program. Rox enjoys her family, learning, listening to people, traveling, outdoor activities, sewing, cooking, and thinking about diversifying the series.

BREAKFIELD AND BURKEY began their writing partnership with non-fictional papers and books, then formed a business LLC for fictional storytelling. They recognize that stories are an evolving method to share excitement, thrills, and insights to today’s technology risks. EnigmaSeries.com has samples of the Enigma Series novels, short stories, audiobooks, book trailers, with the newest series Enigma Heirs releasing in March 2023. They’ve earned multiple awards for their fictional creations. Contact them via email at Authors@EnigmaSeries.com.

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  1. Stefan, many thanks for hosting us and our newest mystery/suspense
    release, The Killer Enigma.

  2. Hi, Rox and Charles! I enjoyed your blog post today, especially the
    conversation with Gunter. He doesn’t stand a chance against this group.
    What a great way to introduce your new book!

    Hi, Stefan. Thanks for hosting Rox and Charles today.


  3. HI, Rox and Charles, and Stefan,
    Rox and Charles, I really felt sorry for poor old Gunter. Well, JJ and Jo will
    probably get the property but poor Gunter lost his respect.
    Excellent excerpt.

    thank you for hosting.

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  5. Hi, Rox and Charles, I am enjoying the excerpts!

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