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With Shadow and Thunder, Stefan Vucak, Author

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Once again we find Terrllss-rr, up to his ears in trouble. With Shadow and Thunder plunges the reader into the corrupt world of diplomatic maneuvering.

Having been promoted and transferred to the Diplomatic Branch, First Scout Terrllss-rr’s has become an assassin for the Serrll Combine. On order from his superior, Terr wields the hand of Death against a Srevatory Party official. Eighteen hours later the individual is dead. As time passes, Terr gains a conscience, one he can ill afford in his line of work.

The plot thickens when the Orieli enter the picture. With firepower far superior to that of the Serrll, the Orieli have staked their claim to a portion of Serrll’s territory containing Earth. In the mist of Serrll’s problems with Orieli, Enllss Llss-rr is informed that the shield over their base on the Earth’s Moon collapsed briefly. If that were not enough, the collapse occurred when a NASA satellite passed over the Moon. Enllss and the Serrll must now solve an array of problems, among those is Earth’s new knowledge of a aliens on the Moon. Enllss decides that sending Terr to the Orielli’s Moon base will possibly kill several birds with one stone.

Terr, with a small Orieli delegation, make a trip to Earth in the hope of easing man’s fear and suspicions. Their visit leads to wide panic in which the Vatican denounces the aliens as the destroyers of Earth. On his return from Earth, Terr is faced with a series of unexplained accidents. It is not until days later while plummeting to Earth in his sabotaged ship that he realizes exactly who had betrayed him. However, he must wait until he is rescued from Earth to exact his revenge. When that day comes, will his love for his betrayer be enough to stay the hand of Death?

With Shadow and Thunder is an astonishing display of craftsmanship, a must read. Once again Stefan Vucak weaves a science fiction world of mystery and suspense. The numerous plots of the story are intricately woven together to make for a smooth and entertaining read.

Copyright © E. Carter Jones, 2001


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