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Writing Tips for Authors, Stefan Vucak, Author

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Writing Tips for Authors by Stefan Vucak is an excellent guide on how authors can start writing a book and get published. It answers all your questions on how to begin, how to plan writing a book or novel, how to go about researching the topic, and how to get a publisher or self-publish. It will prevent the author from stumbling during his initial stint as a writer wanting to get a book published.

The book is extremely useful and is a keeper. There are many details and points covered which will benefit anyone who is venturing into publishing. The author has examined each aspect, leaving no room for doubt. Many authors face blocks when they decide to publish and, by reading this book, you will have an idea on what points to check before starting to write and advice for during the writing process. It will help save quite a number of rejection letters due to imperfections in the manuscript.

Each writer’s approach to writing is different. Some have a very methodical approach and others might be totally disorganized in their style. The chapter ‘Practical Advice for Beginning Fiction Writers’ is very informative and helpful for a writer who has decided to embark on a first book. This book can be used as a checklist before you submit your manuscript.

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