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DartFrog BooksEvery self-published writer would love to have his book distributed and sold by bookstores. At first glance, DartFrog Books promises to do that, but there is a catch. There is always a catch. You must have your book published by IngramSpark or by DartFrog!

A writer has two options when submitting a book to DartFrog. The first is to pay an up-front fee of $89, and wait for an email that says whether the book will be displayed at a bookstore or not. If it is not, the author loses the payment. If the book is accepted, the author is up for another $386.

The second option is to pay $475 up-front, and get a critical ‘review’ of the book and why it might not be suitable for distribution. This part sounds like the traditional ‘book doctor’ deal/scam.

DartFrog Books will do some email marketing for an accepted author, and place one book with 20 bookstores for three months. For an additional fee, they will display the book at tradeshows.

The DartFrog website has no contract/royalty details, which should ring an immediate alarm bell. They do state that your IngramSpark royalty conditions apply, which doesn’t really help.

DartFrog Books is also a hybrid publisher. This means the author contributes to the cost of publishing, a massive $5500! In other words, this is vanity publishing and writers should steer clear of any such scheme. If they publish a book, they guarantee to distribute it to 20 selected bookstores.

I wold warn authors to beware when considering entering into an agreement witch such a company, but eeryone needs to make up their own mind about this. Happy to hear from writers who are satisfied with this service.



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    1. Michael,

      CreateSpace is shutting down. All its functions are now available on Kindle Direct Publishing. I used CreateSpace, and have transferred all my books to KDP.


  1. Every self-publishing book company is asking for money anywhere from
    $999 to $15000 depending upon what package you are choosing.
    Compared to that, I found DartFrog price not based on services they are
    offering. Though, I have not contracted with them yet, but for that price,
    if they are ready to display your book to 20 stores, it is worth it. Many
    others are not doing it even for 10000 dollars.

  2. Hello – I am the founder of DartFrog and wanted to reply to your post as
    there are several inaccuracies. There is no cost to submit a book. Our
    evaluation process is free. There is no obligation to participate in our
    program if your book is selected. If an author chooses to submit a
    manuscript through our hybrid publishing label (DartFrog Plus) and it is
    selected for publication, the cost includes placement into all of our
    partner bookstores (not just 20), plus direct promotion to 3200+ book
    clubs, a 60 second book trailer, a Kirkus review, marketing training,
    Amazon optimization, invitation to sign in our booth at BookCon in NYC,
    and more. Take a look at the website: We do require
    that all books we place into stores be available through Ingram, as that is
    how bookstores order additional copies (not just for DartFrog books, but
    is how bookstores order the majority of the books in their store). And
    when we place a book into a store, it is placed in our own specially
    marked DartFrog section, face front, for 3 months, providing the author
    with optimal in-store exposure. Check out the pictures on our website of
    current in-store displays:

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