Debra L. Hartmann launches Indie Author Publishing Services!

Debra L. Hartmann


“Deciding to become an independent author or publisher is a big decision. Penning your creative vision was only the beginning. In order to realize your dream as a published author, next you’ll need everything from editing and proofreading to interior formatting and cover design.”

“We can help you take your book from editing to published. We have the expertise and experience to deliver a final product you can be proud of. You can have your project brought to fruition by a team of freelancers while working with one project manager and maintain control of which services you use. Our structure is a la carte so you can take advantage of what you need and not waste time or money on services you don’t.”

Indie Author Publishing Services

Debra L Hartmann, publishing consultant, editor, owner of ‘The Pro Book Editor’ and the ‘Authors Helping Authors’ blog.

“I’ve been an editor for over 15 years and worked in different capacities and in different markets. In more recent years, I’ve worked exclusively in fiction manuscripts and related materials, either freelancing or for traditional publishing houses. I’ve seen the shift in the publishing industry, have been affected by it in many ways, and have a good vantage point for understanding how authors have been affected. Not only as an editor, managing editor, and publishing consultant during my career, but also as an author. I’ve been approached by self-publishing houses to work as a subcontractor. After reviewing their contract for me and for their clients, and considering what authors that have used them say most frequently about their experiences, I will never work for one of those companies. Quality must come first for an author to be successful.”

Debra L. Hartmann

Debra L. Hartmann

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