Transportable Work? Why Not Travel the World?

Transportable Work
A guest post by Lance Cody-Valdez

The pandemic has created a myriad of opportunities for non-traditional work options, and many people are taking advantage of this fact and became digital nomads. While it is not for everyone, if you are flexible with your work arrangements and have an interest in combining work and travel, it might be your ticket to a life of professional freedom! The facts and tips in this article may give you a leading edge as you embark on this journey.

Transportable Jobs

Many employers and employees are realizing that people can productively work from locations other than the office, especially if they have jobs that do not require in-person contact with others. According to TechRepublic, video calls and telework can foster collaboration and check-ins, making many jobs relatively easy to do from different locations.

Roles ripe for nomadic work include IT support, writing, marketing, graphic and web design, and social media management. Sales jobs, educational instruction, and even telemedicine, can be done remotely. Virtual administrative assisting, project management, and professional consulting can be done from virtually anywhere.

New Employment Opportunities

If your career is in an area not easily done remotely, such as brick-and-mortar retail, food service, personal services like hairstyling or massage, or jobs that require a physical presence such as security, you may want to consider another more easily transported occupation. Take a look at job boards in the remote work category and see if you can find a good fit that relates to your interests and skill sets.

For instance, how are your editing or proofreading skills? You are likely to find temporary, part-time, full-time, contract, and freelance opportunities. Read job descriptions carefully. If you are collaborating with others, regular contact and professional communication skills are essential.

Where to Go, How to Live

Once you have a work game plan in place, you must decide how you will live during your working travels. According to Travel Made Simple, hostels are often very low-cost options, though it may be difficult to work in that environment where communal living is central to the experience. Although VRBO-type properties usually have more amenities, they will be more expensive.

You may also decide to travel in an RV for self-contained mobile living and workspace, or couch surf and stay with family and friends in different locations. You may even hike and camp, going into a more populated area to work in cafes and coffee shops. At a minimum, you will want to identify safe and clean places to sleep, shower, wash your clothes, and eat, that are within your budget.

Things to Consider

Having reliable electronic equipment and Internet access is essential. Depending on the type of work you do, you may require some degree of privacy. You cannot, for example, conduct a remote therapy session in a public library, or deliver a detailed finance report via Zoom when you are in a chaotic outdoor restaurant. You will also want to ensure that you have a steady income or a bankroll, so you do not get stranded along your journey. Practical matters should also be considered. For example, where will you get medical treatment if you need it? Make a list of all particulars and work through each one.

Getting Paid

Obviously, getting paid for your work in a timely manner is essential when you are a digital nomad. Perhaps even more so than it would be in a traditional job. You will want to ensure you have an electronic system for invoicing and getting paid, and you will want to limit how much is spent on standard wire transfer fees or international conversion fees. Also, keep track of your expenses. If you are an independent contractor or freelancer, you might be able to deduct some of your business-related expenses when it is time to pay taxes.

Many jobs can be worked from anywhere in the world, opening up endless opportunities to earn a living, have the freedom to travel, and work on your own timetable. Give careful thought to the practical side of this type of lifestyle before getting started, then enjoy the ride!

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