What a disgrace!

Daniel Andrews

Yesterday, December 21, the inquiry into dictator Dan Andrews’ hotel quarantine fiasco handed down its report … and found that no one was responsible for the outbreak! The private security guards supposed to impose the quarantine magically appeared, and no one knows who hired them! Without any controls or oversight by the health minister or premier, the guards fraternized with the travelers and spread the virus, which was followed by the most draconian lockdown restrictions and stripping away of people’s rights and freedoms anywhere in the world. This tragedy cost Victoria more than 800 lives, destroyed families, wrecked the state’s economy, and produced a debt of over $155 billion … and no one has been held accountable.

During the inquiry hearings, Premier Andrews claims he knew nothing. He claims he requested help from the ADF to help control the spread, but was never answered, which was a lie. His former health minister knew nothing, then resigned because of that ignorance. The state’s chief medical officer knew nothing, and the chief public servant knew nothing, and also resigned. Everyone the inquiry hearings interviewed knew nothing, but all were quick to cover their political butt by finger-pointing at someone else. The inquiry cost $185 million and, apart from handing out some criticisms, found nothing! Nobody is to blame, and no one was responsible! Things just happened. This inquiry was a monumental farce, and its chair should be jailed for her incompetence. We all knew the Victorian government operates without any responsibility or accountability for its actions. This inquiry sanctions that behavior!

Now, dictator Dan Andrews stands proudly before the TV camera, and with a satisfied smile, tells all of us how hard he and his government worked to protect us to reduce the infection rate to zero – while still keeping Melbourne under lockdown measures! What does it take to get our freedom back? Six months of zero infections?

How sure can Victorians feel that the Andrews government will be able to handle the influx of international travelers put into quarantine to guarantee the virus does not break out again? Given evidence of past performance, Victorians have a right to be concerned. At the first infection case, don’t be surprised if Andrews does not put on his dictator hat and locks Melbourne into Stage 4 restrictions again!

It is time to get rid of Andrews and his lying, incompetent, and corrupt government!

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