Review of ‘A Very Green Donkey’ by Marlene Binggeli ****

Green Donkey - FI

Green DonkeyI launched into A Very Green Donkey with anticipation, looking forward to a glimpse into Marlene Binggeli’s life as a young woman and, later, an accomplished scientist. She describes her collection of stories as ‘snippets’, which they certainly are. The work is not a memoir in the traditional sense, but a series of anecdotes that reveal her life’s experiences; some sad, some humorous, and some thought provoking. Although following her journey through life was revealing, it was also frustrating, as many stories lacked depth, abruptly ending just when I wanted to find out more. In this respect, Marlene Binggeli’s reminiscences should be read as disjointed diary entries, rather than a chronological dissertation. I would have loved to read more about her as a person, her views, philosophy, and lessons learned. Nevertheless, what Marlene Binggeli offers readers is entertaining and worth persevering with. It was a pleasure to review this book.

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