Review of ‘A World Without Color’ by Bernard Jan *****

Review of A World Without Color

A World Without Color

Bernard is standing vigil over his terminally ill cat, caressing it, helping it feed, watching it, remembering the good days they had. He fleetingly considers putting it down to relieve its pain and misery, but decided against it. As long as the cat had life and a will to fight, he would let it live. The cat helped him cope with his grandmother’s dementia, and now, it was his turn to stand watch over his dearest pet. Watching the cat, he reminisces about the good times they had together. Realizing the cat will die soon, he feels some color and vibrancy will vanish from the world. He wondered if cats had dreams and what his cat dreamt about in its final days. He decides he will never get another pet, the pain of letting go after years of attachment would be too traumatic. Bernard finds the process of putting down his cat, making its passing a beautiful thing, particularly painful. Afterward, he and has his family offer each other mutual support.

In A World Without Color, a moment of true life, Bernard Jan takes readers through a somber and thoughtful journey of mental anguish, reflection, and shared suffering over a beloved pet he cannot save. It is a journey filled with vivid images, little anecdotes of shared events, regrets and helplessness to alter time. It is also a dark journey which some readers will not want to face, or have already faced after losing a loved one, but Bernard Jan walks readers through his sorrow with unusual sensitivity and insight. His emotions are palpable, and I was caught up in his sorrow, watching his pet slowly die, unable to prevent its passing. This short novella is beautifully written and easy to read, leaving me pondering the fleeting nature of time and life.

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About the Author

“There is no greater joy than to share what you love with those who appreciate it.” – Bernard Jan

My pen name is Bernard Jan. I am an author – a novelist and a poet – from Croatia and I have just released my first indie book in English. A World Without Color is an honest true story of the three last days I spent with my cat.

My first books have been written at the beginning of war in Croatia in 1991, amidst the air alerts and illusory attempts when I wanted to believe and think that life is normal, that everything is alright with the world.

In my lifespan, I have written and published five novels, two novellas, one book of poems and an essay in Croatian. Four of my manuscripts, together with my book of poems, are translated into English.

My passion for entertainment resulted in my becoming a partner of Tom’s Music Place, which was established in 2009 by my friend Thomas Carley Jr. with the goal to respect the music.

My need to help others came to the fore during my volunteering years: first in advocating for environmental protection, and then my volunteering, activism, work and advocacy for animal rights to the present day. I did some volunteering for the refugees, too, because suffering does not know about the borders and when it comes within your reach, in your yard, you simply have to do something.

As part of my animal advocacy activities, it has been a great honor and pleasure to translate “Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust” by Charles Patterson, into Croatian. I guess that makes me a translator, too?



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