‘Legitimate Power’ – A new political drama coming soon!

Legitimate Power - Stefan Vucak, author

Legitimate Power

A strange crystal…The US has it and China wants it, but it belongs to somebody else. Why is everybody scrambling to get their hands on it?

Digging in his East Jerusalem backyard, a person uncovers a centuries-old tomb containing two ossuaries. Inside one is a strange yellow-orange crystal the size of a smartphone. Considering that it is valuable, he sells it to an antiquities dealer living in Old Jerusalem, who passes it on to a gem merchant in Tel Aviv. After accidently scratching it, the merchant is astounded to see the scratch disappear. Subjecting the crystal to low level laser light, it turns into a perfect mirror. Knowing he has something extremely unusual, he puts the crystal on a shadow gem auction.

Dr. Morrison, a successful businessman producing advanced solar panels, receives a call from a Broadway jeweler, advising him that a rare item has come up on the shadow market. A mineral collector, Morrison is intrigued by the crystal’s properties, and suspects that it might be more than it appears. Risking a small fortune, he puts in a winning bid and sends a trusted aide to pick up the crystal from Tel Aviv.

In charge of China’s intelligence network, the Second Bureau, General Tsai Teping is infuriated that his bid failed and orders a Tel Aviv operative to get the crystal from the gem merchant before the winning bidder comes for it. Failing, Tsai initiates an operation in the United States to confront Dr. Morrison and secure the device using whatever means necessary.

Alerted to these activities, the Israeli government authorizes a Mossad mission to retrieve a national treasure, which might possibly control the world’s computer industry…if the device can be made to work.

The American administration becomes aware of the device and foreign agents operating on its soil to retrieve it, resulting in an inevitable collision of international interests. Hounded by government officials, his wife kidnapped and shot, having lost interest in a glorious future, Morrison must somehow put together the shattered pieces of his life as the great powers stand on the brink of conflict.

A political drama so real, it will make you wonder if it isn’t already happening.

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