Review of ‘An Abduction Revelation’ by Thomas L. Hay ***

Review of ‘An Abduction Revelation’ by Thomas L. Hay


An Abduction Revelation

Thomas L. Hay’s early years describe just another average guy who was not good at sports, academic subjects and had no success with girls. But Hay is different; he was once abducted by aliens who changed him. After graduating high school, Hay joined the Navy where he became a Morse code communications specialist. On his last cruise on an aircraft carrier, the ship receives an SOS from a Russian trawler, the crew claiming they were attacked by aliens, but the story is hushed up.

Leaving the Navy, Hay had a failed love affair and returns to the U.S. He meets Claudia and they elope to get married. Instead of a courthouse, they ended up in a deserted cornfield where an alien ship zapped them with a light. They wake not remembering anything. Four years into their marriage, Claudia announces she wants a divorce. She tells him about her abductions and how to melt memory blocks implanted by the aliens. Predictably, Hay doesn’t believe her.

Working for TWA in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Hay meets Fiza. They return to the U.S. and marry. One day, she disappears from his life. A month later, two NASA people come to see him. They offer him a job that would last a few weeks, but he could not tell anyone about it. At Cape Canaveral, he is told the government had kept secret the existence of UFOs. The aliens shared some of their technology, which explained man’s sudden advancement. Hay helps develop a device to communicate with the aliens who are telepaths. What he learns takes him to the climax of this narrative.

An Abduction Revelation is an expanded version of Thomas L. Hay’s The Comeback Kid published in 2011. As a supposedly personal memoir, I found the initial chapters overly detailed, describing mundane events in a life that was not particularly interesting—except for Hay’s encounters with the aliens. As the book unwinds, details of his life become skimpier, hurried, and less interesting, the author seemingly anxious to explain more fully his final incredible encounter with his alien abductors.

Thomas L. Hay’s writing style is smooth and easy to read, and I am certain he is capable of producing a memorable work of genuine fiction. I have seen documentaries and read about alien abductions, crop circles, UFO sightings, and tried to keep an open mind when reading An Abduction Revelation, but the deeper I got into Hay’s book, my sense of credibility tripped out. There are far too many inconsistencies in the narrative and improbable happenings for the memoir to be taken seriously. Nevertheless, some readers and many conspiracy theorists will undoubtedly find this book confirming their beliefs.

About the author:

Thomas L. Hay was raised in the Golden Valley of Clinton, Missouri. He is a graduate of the 1961 Clinton Senior High class. He retired after thirty-nine years with TWA/American Airlines. He enjoys fishing, golfing, writing, and singing Karaoke. He currently resides in Lake Waukomis, Missouri, with his lovely wife Karen, along with some hyperactive squirrels, too many irritating geese, and a few cranky old catfish.

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