Review of ‘Crypto Shrugged’ by J. Lee Porter and Ed Teja *****

Crypto Shrugged

Mitch Childer arrives in Tanzania to establish cryptocurrency for the country to curb corruption and ensure tax collection, which would improve the economy and the lot of the local people. Of course, he and the faceless men he is working for have broader ambitions with this pilot project, nothing less than financial control of the global economy. Wyatt Osgood, a brilliant programmer who wrote an open source paper on cryptocurrency operation, bored by the normal 9 to 5 existence, is brought into a project to help build the new system. Peggy Dory sees a bright future for herself managing all the development, including implementation of additional functions demanded by Childer, the IMF and Interpol, and a special routine designed to siphon off small amounts for herself, all unknown to the Tanzanian government. As with any complex system, things begin to unravel as conflicting requirements compromise its operation. The Tanzanian cryptocurrency system is launched … and things became unpleasant on several fronts.

In the review of Crypto Shrugged, authors J. Lee Porter and Ed Teja open a glimpse into the fascinating world of cryptocurrency and international globalization, and scheming players pursuing personal objectives to gain power or money. The book draws the reader smoothly into the plot from the first page. It never lets go, and never disappoints. The narrative is engaging and the dialogue very real. It was a pleasure to come across a novel written with a professional touch. Each character is a distinct personality, and readers will have to make their own judgment whether they like them or not, but the interaction between them and the emotional nuances this generates forms part of the Crypto Shrugged appeal. The work will make the reader pause and think, and some of its conclusions may be arguable, which is one of its objectives. How it all works out, well, you will just have to read the book.

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About J. Lee Porter

J Lee Porter
J. Lee Porter
is a former IT specialist, programmer and data analyst for banking, security, and government agencies. He left the IT world behind on July 4th, 2016, declaring it his personal independence day to travel the world full time in search of inspiration for his writing.

About Ed Teja

Ed Teja
Ed Teja is a writer a poet, a musician and a traveler. He follows Paul Bowles’ definition of a traveler: “A person who moves slowly over the face of the planet, belonging no more to one place than the next.” His stories and poems are about the places he knows, places that lie in the margins of the world, and the amazing people he meets between the cracks.


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