Review of ‘These Alien Skies’ by Tom Johnson ****

Review of These Alien Skies

These Alien Skies

A retired Air Force Master Sergeant, Eddy Edwards is a UFO investigator working for the Alien Intelligence Monitors (AIM) organization. One of his cases takes him to West Texas where he investigates the death of a teenage boy who died from snakebites. The body was brought to a local gas station by a young hiker who did not look strong enough to carry anything, and identified himself as Daniel. Hanging around the youngster, Eddy felt dizzy, as did the sheriff and his men. Checking the woods where the teenager was looking for UFOs, Eddy comes across a marijuana crop and a meth lab. He did not worry about UFOs, concerned how to extract himself from his predicament.

When AIM assigs Michael ‘Ski’ Drumbowski to penetrate Area 51 at Groom Lake and gather evidence if the government really has flying saucers at the facility, Ski is captured and Eddy Edwards volunteers to attempt a rescue. With the help of a special suit that renders him invisible in the dark, Eddy manages to get into the facility and sees a test flight of a flying saucer. When he overhears that there were two alien species vying for control of Earth, he knew that he had to get this information to AIM, but things do not turn out exactly as expected.

A flying saucer is tracked as it descends toward California and three F-14s are sent to intercept it, but the saucer avoids them easily. It was later seen above Area 51, and a report of a crop circle and calf mutilation is made from Kansas. Eddy Edwards is ordered to investigate. He encounters two government agents looking into the matter, and is warned to back off. There are also two mysterious men and a woman tailing him wherever he goes. The farmers where the crop circle was made and a calf mutilated done, report seeing a UFO. Eddy had his evidence despite unpleasant encounters with the government men and the mysterious trio. His adventure takes a dramatic twist when a UFO lands in front of his car and he faces Daniel.

For diehard UFO believers, the three stories in These Alien Skies will serve to confirm the existence of flying saucers, crop circles, cattle mutilations and alien abductions, reassuring them that these things are very real. For the skeptics, there isn’t much that one can say. They will smile and shake their heads. Tom Johnson gives readers well-written tales that will make you pause and reflect. I found the first story ‘Who Goes There’ the most interesting, as it has genuine mystery and drama, and does not attempt to explain too much, leaving a lot to the reader’s imagination. The other stories have some intriguing elements, but I feel they lack the air of mystery to make them really great. Nevertheless, Eddy Edwards is an interesting enough character who helps make his UFO encounters an entertaining read. These Alien Skies is definitely worth getting into.

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About the Author

Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson was a voracious reader from childhood beginning with the Golden Age comic books to classic literature. Exciting adventure stories entertained him until he discovered science fiction and hardboiled detective mysteries. By his early twenties, he discovered The Shadow and Doc Savage pulp reprints in paperbacks, and was hooked on the fast-paced action novel. This led to collecting and research, which eventually interested him in writing. Today, he still loves an exciting action novel over movies and television. Tom and his wife, Ginger have received numerous awards in the field for their work in keeping the old stories in the spotlight for new readers seeking escape in a thrilling adventure novel.

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  1. Thank you, Stefan, a nice review and I appreciate it. My stories are never
    profound (G), and are mostly pulpy. Just fast reads to entertain.

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