Review of ‘Waterkill” by Mark Donovan ***

Review of ‘Waterkill” by Mark Donovan



To test a biological weapon, a terrorist poisons a Yemen village well, causing many deaths. During a flight to Fairbanks Alaska, a Cessna carrying a Middle Eastern man with a mysterious briefcase crashes into a mountainside. In Tehran, a terrorist leader directs his team to recover the weapon from the crashed plane. The Department of Homeland Security is aware of Al-Qaeda’s weapon and deaths in Yemen, and mount a mission to recover the bioweapon. In Germany, two men contaminate a major city’s water supply, resulting in panic. Dave Henson’s wife is kidnapped by terrorists and he engages the CIA to find and free her. Betrayed by a friend, he must now stop an attack on a US city. Can he prevent a catastrophe?

Waterkill is a fast paced book that doesn’t give the reader much time to think. Mark Donovan takes a familiar theme – a biological weapon in the hands of terrorists, betrayal, wife kidnapped, a central character who must overcome all adversity to save everybody – and adds a few twists. The book has potential to be a great thriller and Mark Donovan shows glimpses of some good writing. Unfortunately, the characters are too stereotyped and the events too contrived to be entirely credible. The book would benefit from thorough editing to streamline narrative and dialogue. Nevertheless, Waterkill will have an audience who like fast action stories.

About the Author:

Mark Donovan

Mark Donovan is the author of the thriller novels Nano Surveillance and Waterkill. He has also authored numerous eBooks and articles on a wide variety of home improvement topics through his website Many of his articles are nationally syndicated. He currently resides in New Hampshire where he has spent his career working in various high tech engineering and marketing positions. He holds degrees in electrical engineering and business, and is a private pilot. Visit his website at for new book release alerts.


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