Review of ‘The Wolf Tattoo’ by Kenneth Fore ****

Review of ‘The Wolf Tattoo’ by Kenneth Fore


The Wold Tattoo

Clayton Spears goes to Alaska to find a new life. He rents a canoe and sets off into the wilderness. Encountering a grizzly, he kills the bear but is badly wounded. Trying to get back to his canoe, he is attacked by wolves. An old Eskimo and a young girl, Palafox, find him. With winter coming, on their way to an Eskimo village, two strangers invade their camp and kill the old Eskimo. Clayton and Palafox get away and are attacked by mythical creatures, the Mueumonds. Reaching a sacred forest, Clayton cannot believe a jungle can exist in the arctic. They have more adventures there, but I’ll let you read what happens.

With The Wolf Tattoo, Kenneth Fore takes the reader into the Alaskan wilderness with powerful narrative. It is easy to imagine being there. Introducing mythical creatures and the sacred forest will appeal to some readers, while others will be disappointed the book isn’t a straight story about survival in the wild. I found Clayton a bland character. Kenneth Fore does not explain who he is or why he abandoned his previous life. A lot of narrative in the first part of the book is overdone, but it does have appeal and a relaxing effect as the reader allows himself to drift with the story.

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