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Shadow Masters - Stefan Vucak, author

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Shadow Masters is one of eight novels within the Shadow Gods Series intuitively written by Stefan Vucak.

Having completed his mission on Earth, First Scout Terrlss-rr and his companion Dhar, are returning home when their ship is stopped by an alien vessel. Terr isn’t sure if he should contact Serrll authorities and let them know what was happening, or take the situation into his own hands. Terr soon discovers that he cannot exactly trust Serrll authorities or the Diplomatic Branch. What he finds will be shocking and mind blowing. Whether Terr is ready or not, he is thrown into battle yet again and must take on another urgent mission along with his trusted companion, Dhar.

Stefan Vucak’s passion for writing science fiction truly comes natural to him as he has written numerous intriguing novels involving extraterrestrials and space travel, and he also hits on the hot topics of politics and religion versus science. Stefan creates magic when the pen hits paper and he does not disappoint with Shadow Masters.

It is an intriguing and adventurous story, which takes us throughout far off Serrll space. His imagination and creativity amaze me because his novels are like no others out there that I have read before; they are completely genuine and unique. I love the use of Stefan’s descriptive words and the depth of his characters. I could feel the suspense and terror all around me and could hardly set this book down.

Even though it seems like a complicated book to read, I found the average reader can comprehend this novel very well as the plot flows smoothly from one chapter to the next. The reader will understand Shadow Masters better if he/she reads the Shadow Gods series books in order from beginning to end. I could easily see the Shadow Gods Series as a SciFi television series show much like Star Trek, but completely different in its settings and characters.

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