Dictator Andrews Still Rules!

Dictator Daniel Andrews

Yesterday, February 3, the Victorian state premier, Daniel Andrews, passed legislation to extend the state of emergency for another nine months. He got Senate support by buying off the Greens party and two independents. This gives him unprecedented draconian powers to declare Stage 4 lockdowns at any time on a whim, and allow an authorized person to enter your home and arrest you merely on the suspicion that you might at some point in the future contravene lockdown rules.

After bungling the hotel quarantine last July and sent Victoria into curfews and lockdown for 111 days, thereby wrecking many families and destroying the Victorian economy, dictator Andrews and his corrupt government have not learned anything from the experience. On February 12, Andrews sent the whole of Victoria into Stage 4 lockdown because of a handful of Covid infections at the Melbourne Airport Holiday Inn the health officials allowed to spread. When questioned, no one knows or admits anything. Instead of isolating affected suburbs, the whole state suffered. The same story as last July.

With zero infections in the state and the Covid vaccine program finally under way, which will hopefully end this madness, it is perplexing why Dan Andrews needs extended emergency powers until December. The obvious answer is that Andrews likes being an arrogant dictator he has shown himself to be. I am sure his Beijing masters must be applauding him as one of their own.

I can only hope that people will remember what he has done to their families and the state economy, and kick him and his corrupt government out of office come the next elections.

Victorians deserve better than Chairman Dan!

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