Daniel Andrews
Apart from Peta Credlin who tore into Dan Andrews, exposing his lies to the hotel quarantine inquiry, for which the ‘establishment’ media criticized her because she is not one of them, praising his efforts to contain the second Covid wave, which Andrews and his stooge, the chief health officer Sutton, caused. They don’t question, full stop. During this period, the ABC and its Insiders program has exposed its true colors, revealing themselves as a leftist organization happy to support a corrupt government that strips away people’s rights and freedoms.

Premier Andrews has contained the second wave, all right, but in the most brutal fashion imaginable: an unprecedented curfew, ‘ring of steel’ around Melbourne that is still in force, crippling fines against anyone who dared challenge his draconian measures, destroyed families, and a wrecked state economy from which it will take years to recover, unless dictator Dan imposes new restrictions. Don’t be surprised if Andrews comes up with an excuse to ‘pause’ lifting further restrictions on Nov 8, because that would erode his dictatorial hold over the state.

Meanwhile, the media continues to sing Andrews’ praises like good little choir boys, not questioning anything Dan has done, or exposing his lies and corrupt ministers. They have not questioned the draconian Omnibus bill that gives Andrews/Sutton’s appointed thugs power to come into your home, seize anything they want and arrest you simply on suspicion that you ‘might’ break the Covid restrictions rules! The media does not question this stripping away of citizen’s rights and liberties in fear that such questions might bruise dictator Dan’s authoritarian ego. They don’t question or ask for information about Dan’s Belt & Road Initiative deal he signed with the Chinese Communist Party, which may put Victoria under crippling debt and allow the CCP to dictate what goes on in this state. Dan’s Beijing masters must be very proud of him and the Victorian ‘objective and unbiased’ media!

I am sure the ABC will be sending Andrews a big ‘thank you’ present, come Christmas time.

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