Daniel Andrews

Daniel Andrews

This morning, all Melbournians looked forward to major easing of draconian restrictions that are keeping families locked up, and continue to further destroy the Victorian economy. However, dictator Daniel Andrews has seized on a minor outbreak of 39 cases in a northern suburb as an excuse to keep Melbourne locked up, and himself as an ongoing dictator. He is punishing four million Melbournians for an outbreak of 39 cases!

The duplicity, deceit, and lies shown by Daniel Andrews and the Chief Health Officer has grown into a national scandal. People are rightly tired seeing their lives shattered and businesses ruined, and I am certain there will be more protests and demonstrations against the Andrews government and his measures to turn Victoria into a police state.

With the passing of the Omnibus bill that gives government authorized people the right to enter your home without a warrant, arrest you, and take anything they please from your home on mere suspicion that you are or might be contravening the restrictions, Andrews really has turned Victoria into a police state, and the police as his private storm-troopers. His Beijing masters must be very proud of him.

People should rise up in protest and say ‘ENOUGH’!

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