Dictator Dan Andrews

Yesterday afternoon, the Victorian premier, dictator Dan Andrews, stood in front of the camera looking sorrowful and apologetic, as he usually does every day when telling us how terrible things are, an announced a Roadmap for removing Melbourne’s current draconian curfew and lockdown restrictions. It is for our own good that he keeps destroying families, businesses, and the state’s economy.

We hear that our lockdown will remain in force until October 26, with perhaps minimal easing after that. More restrictions to be eased a day before Christmas! Wow! Wasn’t that generous of him?

And why dictator Dan maintains these restrictions? Because making us free will overwhelm the state’s hospital system – he hasn’t learned anything from the debacle he created in 2020 – and because Victorians have not reached the magic 70% double jab rate! Three weeks ago, Dan said restrictions will be eased once Victorians pass the 70% FIRST jab – and we have! Not good enough anymore. Now, it must be two jabs! Any excuse to maintain his dictatorial rule.

Still looking sorrowful, he declared the lockdown will continue past Christmas if daily infection rates don’t fall even if Victoria reaches 70% of double jabs! What next? The lockdown will continue until we reach 80%?

The Victorian parliament does not rule this state. The Chief Health Officer Sutton rules! Why? Dan keeps saying that he must follow the advice of his health experts and their modelling. Hello? Sutton is there to give advice, not rule! Dan Andrews and everybody else have forgotten that people, lives, businesses, and our economy are behind those numbers, not graph projections.

By the time Christmas arrives, Melbourne will be a dead city. Of course, Dan doesn’t care what happens to us. He has his cushy job, fat salary, big house, and he can flaunt the 10 kilometer travel rule because he is the premier! No cop will spray him with pepper spray and arrest him.

I am sure his Beijing masters must be very proud of him. We can only come the next state election, people will remember what Andrews has done to Victoria and kick him and his lying, corrupt government out of office!

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