Daniel Andrews

Daniel Andrews

On June 30, the Victorian state premier, Daniel Andrews, imposed a lockdown on 36 suburbs, affecting 300,000 people. Since 25 June, there have been 490 new COVID-19 infections throughout the state, mostly in Melbourne. Why? Because of criminal negligence by the Victorian government!

The government employed private security guards to watch people held in quarantine in various Melbourne hotels. Instead of watching them, the guards fraternised, became infected, and spread the virus. Where was the oversight? Where were the health official supposedly monitoring what was going on? The Andrew government complacently sat back, congratulating itself on its prompt action to contain the virus.

Cloaked in innocence, looking solemn, the premier had the gall to announce on TV that he is punishing 299,510 people in 36 suburbs because 741 were infected. He announces sorrowfully how sympathetic he is about the impact this lockdown will have on people, claiming it is necessary to protect all Melbournians from a disaster of his own making. He then threatens to lock down the entire state if the virus spread is not contained. Full of self-righteous indignation, he has announced a judicial inquiry into this debacle, which is not due to report until September, and refuses to accept responsibility, gagging his ministers to stay silent. However, who will investigate the so-called ‘gang of eight’, the most senior cabinet ministers, collectively responsible for this disaster? Mr. Andrews sacked three ministers over the branch stacking saga, but people have not seen any heads roll over this virus thing. And now, the government has locked down government commission blocks where some 23 infections have been detected out of 3,000! People are sick of taking the blame for the government’s incompetence and dictatorial rule.

Mr. Andrews, you have crippled the Victorian economy and ruined many people’s lives with the initial round of draconian lockdowns. And now, through your government’s incompetence and personal negligence, you have dealt what might be a crippling blow to Victoria, destroying more lives.

Come the next elections, the voters will remember this episode and exact vengeance. Your corrupt administration must go.


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