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Winchester - Tell Cotten - FI

Winchester - Tell Cotten

Make a wrong decision and you’re dead. Pick the right one, you just might live another day. That was August Landon’s, aka Winchester, take on life in the West. In his late twenties, he had done lots of things: soldier, cowpuncher, wagon train trail boss, shotgun rider…even a lawman. He doesn’t talk much, letting his fists and gun do that for him. His current job was to find the camp of the Apache war chief No Worries and live through it. He comes across footprints of a lone Indian and decides to follow them. What he finds is Secora, a beautiful young Indian woman with a broken leg. He treats her and makes camp. She told him that three men tortured her to reveal the location of the No Worries camp, but she managed to escape. Winchester does not have much food and heads for a nearby trading post. Afterward, he would take her to the No Worries camp. Winchester was attracted to Secora, his feelings mixed. She tells him that No Worries is her brother, which created an entirely new problem for him. In the morning, as they were getting ready to leave, No Worries and a band of his Indians confront him. To save him, Secora tells her brother that Winchester is her husband. All his previous worries pale in the face of this development.

With Winchester, Tell Cotten spins a delightfully short tale of a traditional tall, silent cowboy. Winchester is basically a drifter, living from day to day, not knowing what tomorrow will bring, or what his future had in store for him. When he finds Secora, his feelings for her cause him to reflect on his aimless life, even considering whether there might be a future for them. But she was an Indian, and he a white man, and the two could never mix. Winchester regrets that, but he is set in his ways and doesn’t know how to bridge the divide with Secora. I found Winchester a very easy read, as Tell Cotten tells his story in simple, down to earth sentences, which reflects the book’s characters and to an extent, the wild West atmosphere. This book could have been so much more if the author had brought depth into his characters and story, and produced a more fulfilling ending. However, even a glimpse into what might have been will leave most readers of this genre satisfied.

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About the author

Tell CottenBorn in West Texas, Tell Cotten is a seventh generation Texan. He comes from a family with a ranching heritage and is a member of the Sons of the Republic of Texas. He is currently in the cattle business, and he resides in West Texas with his wife, Andi, and their two children.

Tell is the award-winning author of The Landon Saga. His novels have won Gold and Silver in the Readers’ Favorite awards, and Tell also won Best New Western in the Laramie Awards and bronze in the Global ebook awards for CONFESSIONS OF A GUNFIGHTER.

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